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In formation On Our Classes


Let’s Start Weaving – Beginner Weaving Class (2 x 4.5 hours)

loomCost: $ 250.00 Cdn

Students will start with an introduction to weaving – weaving terminology, tools, and types of looms. The next step will be to learn about yarns and how to prepare a warp. Each student will prepare a cotton warp for sampling. Warps will then be prepared and put on the loom. Before starting the actual weaving an overview of correct weaving practices will be covered.

Once the looms are warped, students will create samples of the basic 4 shaft weaves. The sample will be finished in a knotted fringe on one end and hemstitched on the other end. This sample will be cut off and students will learn a quick way to cut and retie. Two double weave samples will then be created. Proper finishing techniques, a review, and discussion on next projects will be presented. If time permits students can try out a floor loom. This class is intended for beginners.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.

Introduction to Drafting (3 hours)

DraftCost: $ 50.00 Cdn

The ability to create and edit your own drawdowns enables weavers to customize designs. Both manual drawdowns and computer generated drawdowns using WeavePoint will be introduced. This class is intended for students who are fairly new to weaving.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.


Classes for Students Who Know How to Warp a Loom

Warping Review and Twill Revisited (2 x 4.5 hours)

Cost: $ 250.00 Cdn

Looms will be threaded in a variety of twill weaves and a sample will be created. This class will review warping your loom and demonstrate how to speed about the warping process. Students should have completed a beginner course.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.

Bead Leno (8 hours)

Bed LenoCost: $ 150.00 Cdn

Get the look of leno without doing the painstaking pick up. Bead leno enables weavers to produce a similar fabric in half the time. Students will produce a variety of samples. Students should know how to warp a loom.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.

Creating a Custom Cocoon (7 hours)

Cocoon frontCost ($ 150.00) Cdn

The class will include how to create the pattern for the cocoon and  produce samples that are the right weight for the cocoon to drape nicely. The class includes making your own custom pattern, weaving samples for your cocoon, and the theory of sewing and finishing the cocoon. Loom needs to be warped in advance of the class.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.


Classes for Intermediate Weavers

Linen and Lace (3 x 6 hour days, 18 hours)

Linen and LaceCost: $ 300.00 Cdn

Learn how to weave beautiful lace fabrics using one of the most beautiful fibers. Linen is beautiful to weave with but requires careful handling. Each student will weave a sample of Swedish lace, Bronson Lace, and Huck Lace. They will then design and execute a small project. This class is intended for intermediate weavers.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.

Blending Drafts (4 hours)

Cost: $ 50.00 Cdn

Learn how to manipulate 2 different 4 shaft theading drafts so that both can be woven without rethreading your loom. The drafts produced will require 6 or more shafts so this class will be of interest to multi-shaft weavers or those who will have access to looms with more than 4 shafts. This is a theory class and samples will not be woven.

To sign up for this course, please contact us.